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Re: Is this wrong?


We'll see, to be honest I'm looking forward to ending this little fight with my little plan in a few hours, haven't had my ballsacs emptied for days! Now I'm starting to miss it (maybe that's why she does the STs - bah, she's f--king childish herself!)

@the guy

Hell mate, it seems when piecing everything up - everything is starting to make a straight bit of sense... too much freedom and she stops respecting me with finances, and it looks like I'm on the same road that you were on.

A part of me for some reason gets turned on by the idea too in all honesty (I also have an exhibitionist side) but I guess she knows it's not good for her since she's already been there, done that as well (Guess I'm actually lucky she's f--king stubborn in this regard) - and hence rejected the idea but it seems my words have hurt her I guess.

Thanks for this bro, I should have found this forum a lot sooner.

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