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Re: I need some advice please - cheating husband

Therapy for him is going to be key. For a LONG time. You don't just turn off being addictive.

For you, set up strong boundaries around all this. You stop going to therapy, I pack your bags. You change plans mysteriously and I can't verify where you are, I pack your bags. Like that.

You may want to consider finding a couples weekend and both of you going. I think it would be a real eye-opener to him, to see what real commitment and marriage and love LOOKS like at such an event. Research to find the best one.

fwiw, please DO pick out one of your girlfriends to talk to. There is no shame in this on YOUR shoulders; you are the victim here, ok? No shame. And if she's a good enough friend, she (1) will want to help you and (2) will be offended if you don't tell her the truth.
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