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Originally Posted by MsLonely View Post
There's just one thing I read yesterday, I found it hard to agree with you that is:

"Being a hot wife can cure erectile dysfuction."

Please do not feel bad for bringing some balance to these things. I have much to say about testosterone's role on a man & his desire, having worried & read till I am blue in the face about my own husband's lower levels. This thing called "Desire" is not so easy to put in a box with all black & white answers. This can hurt other people who are in a very different situation with their men.

I was very bothered when I 1st came here, I was feeling my husband lost some of that wonderful "desire" simply because he could not keep up with me sexually & he was only in his mid 40's! If we look upon ourselves & our HOTNESS to such a degree , feeling WE have all the power to raise his erections each & every time in all their glory, this belief (alone) can wreck a great marraige- when he struggles.

In this day & age with so many prescription drugs being given out like candy, these CAN mess resentlessly with our God Given hormones. I recently had my husband stop taking a low dose statin - and guess what - MORE energy, his larger appetite returned, better sense of well being and his erections are coming a little faster & more firm. He will never be a high test man, but I feel the meds was doing him no favors.

Just as some are duped into listening to a Televangist such as Benny Hinn -being told if we have "Enough Faith" we WILL Be healed of Cancer, after all God can do all things. Only to be let down, and die slowly while the believer blames himself for NOT having enough Faith. I guess I kind of seen this in the same light, being told that if we are HOT enough, we can resurrect his Erections at any age. Sounds wonderful, but in reality, many more things are at play here.

I DO agree with Threetimesalady about the MIND and it's effects on our desire though. Definetely some truth there. But men need adequate amounts of Test to work with their minds.

Great Thread on the effects of Lower Test here : Dealing with Low Testosterone - Hypogonadism
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