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Advice on what to do going forward

Some of you may already know my story and those that have taken the time to read it, I'm looking for some healthy advice.

My wife has made her mind up to separate and there is nothing I can say or do. I've tried to talk to her and every time we go through the conversation it's the same thing. I want her back but I feel that if continuing to try and "convince" her it is just making her more and more resentful. I want to just say "ok, if you're done then you're done and I cant convince you so I no longer will bring this up". She gets aggravated easily when we talk and it just leads to us getting into an argument which obviously isn't going to make things better or help my cause. but I dont want to just give up in the hopes that she will eventually see things a bit more clear rather than in a haze of anger. Any advice as to how I should treat all of this?

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