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Re: just found out my wife cheated 23 years ago

On the comments about laughing in regards to "She says I have a trust issue." - You should know this is a reoccurring theme with the disloyal. She is simply deflecting what she cannot face in herself onto you. Simply put, she has trust issues because of the trust in you she betrayed.

While this is just one opinion from the many... Before you scream "DNA test!" to her, think about what you would do if 1) They aren't yours, and 2) How you will recover if they are yours and you put your wife through this. Of course she should understand why you would want to have this done, but I'd be surprised if she was mature enough to completely understand the situation based on the fact that she is deflecting instead of reflecting. Also, given the age of the children now, depending on the state, you cannot force them to get a DNA test- it would be their decision, and is one you have to take into account and respect.
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