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Re: Roles in relationships

I am not even necessarily talking about needing a socially imposed role (though some people might need something of the sort as a starting point to creating roles in a relationship) I am saying.. do relationships need defined roles, and if they do... how do you define them....

If you DO define your own, are you allowing your SO other room do define THEIR own... Is it harder to do from scratch, on your own, without a starting point of what is socially imposed/believed/implied? If you succeed in this definition of roles in your relationship, how did you decide each and make it work? was there compromise? was it a natural taking by each? did you/ do you.. impose any role ON your SO without trying/realizing?

Don't just pick apart or react/respond... add more... lets get this going (with an attempt to leave gender discussion OUT HAHA now THERE is the true challenge of this thread MUWAHAHAAH JOKE!!!!)

SOOOOO not making this the gender discussion.. you want that... go make your own thread HAHA
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