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My wife says she loves me but isnt in love with me anymore.

My wife and I have been happily married for a little over 5 years no kids and we live at her parents house due to her being a full time student and the economy cutting my income in half. About 3 months ago when I was perusing her for sex. She broke down and told me she does not feel the same way she used to and thinks she is no longer in love with me but still loves me. I asked her if there was anything I was doing wrong she claims it is all her and she has changed and I am doing nothing wrong. I asked her to go to counseling but she refused. Obviously I was very upset and got very emotional. The next day we talked and she said she wanted to keep working on the relationship. I told her I was going to start working on myself and I think the issue stems from me not being satisfied with were I am in life and have taken some steps to rectify that situation.

Since then my wife has started full time school studying to be a registered nurse. It is a very intense program she spends most of her time either at school or studying. She has been very distant since the encounter and does not want to talk about it, or have any physical interactions. The first couple of months were very bad and I was getting the feeling that she hated me. The last month has been much better we have been talking not about the relationship though and spending time together.

About a month ago I paid our cell phone bill and noticed a lot of texts from a random number. I did some research and found out it was a guy at her school. I looked on her phone all the texts were school related and seemed very innocent. should I be worried about this guy shes texting? I haven't approached her about this and am not sure what to think. She has talked to me about this guy and has said he is very young and immature and that they are friends.

I want more then anything to get our relationship back to were we where. I just am unsure how to approach her or what to do next in this situation. It seems to be getting better with the things I'm already doing but the lack of intimacy and talk about the outright problem has me very concerned.

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