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Why do people cheat

I'm struggling with this, I was the cheater.

I still can not get right to the point of why I did it.

It happened 2 weeks after H and I decided to take a break ! It was a ONS , never seen him again !

When H asked me why I did it , I didn't know what to say ! I know I was hurting , cause H never showed me attention, and love. But I also know that is not a reason to cheat !

H and I are seperating and I would love to try and make some sense of this . It eats at me , as this is one of the reason he is leaving !

I don't know what the future holds but if I could make sense of all this maybe we both could have some closure to it.

I have explained to him, that I was hurting and that I felt unloved and unwanted. He says " it wouldn't matter how much he felt unloved he would never do this to me "

I know alot of you have been following my posts and know that he had an EA .

My Cheat was 14 years ago, and maybe if I would have been able to figure out why I did this years ago maybe we wouldn't be going through this at all!

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