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Re: Paranoia over past fidelity

"and know I am being paranoid with no basis"

"Am I freaking out for no reason?"

"I am making him pay when he did the right thing."

You have to look at this a little differently...

You Do have a basis to be paranoid.

You DO have a reason to freak out.

He is paying for doing the WRONG thing.

He's the one that broke your trust. Yes, he admitted it. Yes he's trying to the right thing now.

Let me ask you a question... after you spent all that money does he still check the bank statements and credit card statements? Of course he does. Why? Because you screwed up and until you have proven that you can manage your finances he will continue checking.

So why shouldn't you feel the same way.

As for her contacting him, how about a restraining order? that will put a damper on her.
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