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Re: unhappy new dad

It is unfortunate, but most of us are not trained to become parents, especially men, and especially regarding babies. It is a foreign experience for sure for must of us.

This is not to excuse, but to perhaps explain his discomfort, both with anticipating taking care of the baby and his accusation that you are accusing him of being a bad father.

Perhaps you could just try to be as positive as you can, make sure he understands how much you appreciate his willingness to do what he does, and just put up with his sour nature until he gets used to it.

Hopefully things will get better with time and experience. In a few years, when he comes home from work every day, and as soon as he opens the door his little daughter yells "Daddy!!!!" and runs to him to give him a big hug, his outlook on fatherhood will probably change. God I miss those days. Now instead of hugs every day, my son calls from college when he needs money
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