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Originally Posted by SimplyAmorous View Post
I also have fears about aging.

My husband got a A1c test at work yesterday , his # wa 5.8. I have been stressing about this all darn day & night, he knew it too, hated to tell me. Just 2 yrs ago, his # was 5.6. I know when you hit 6.0, you need that Glucose test. He is a thin man, but has type 2 on his dads side. Hate it. I am a worrier.

Our health , to me, is MORE important than anything in this world & everything inbetween. Maybe I worship it and need to let it go. When it goes, I FEAR my own reactions, so Yes, to hear from someone your age, still "feeling it", still so Romantic and full of life -amists these health struggles. Very encouraging indeed .

Now I just know there is nothing we can do if we do get old and sick. It is a natural process! We can do our best to stay healthy by eating healthy and worrying less. But if something is going to happen, we just have to accept it! That's my attitude towards aging now. It helps me on a certain level.

You have six children, they will look after you when you are 80!

My husband and I have to look after ourselves!
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