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Re: You aren't MY mother!

Originally Posted by sisters359 View Post
So how many men have used that line with their wife on Mother's Day? How many women have heard it?

I'm still resenting it, I guess. I wonder if this feeling will ever go away!

No acknowledgement from him for what I do/did as the mother of his children. Nothing, nada.

My kids have always given me beautiful home-made gifts and cards, often done at school (not always). I treasure those. It is the highlight of Mother's Day, for sure. But now I resent the resentment! It gives this special day an unpleasant taste. Guess I'm going to have to work on that!
My husband lead the kids in the creation of a beautiful Mom brunch. They squeezed fresh juice. The kids helped him make fresh coffee. He made eggs benedict. He has taken them out so I can nap. I love to nap. Then we grill some yummy food.

I sat at the brunch table today and almost cried. My youngest asked me if I liked my mother's day. I looked at her and told her that Dad is very, very good to me. And if she were smart she would find someone just like him.

It makes me sad that there are so many people out there who don't get basic love and respect from their spouse. It is an issue that seems to be equal opportunity ****ty for both genders. How are we like this? Why? Why do so many people fall in love and then.... **** happens?

I don't get it.

To all you Mom's out there who aren't getting the love from home, here is a big fat hug from me. And grab something to throw on the grill and come on over.
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