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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

Originally Posted by karole View Post
What he did was totally unacceptable behavior, spouse or not; however, I have a question. In the infidelity forum recommendations are made to use VAR and keyloggers to gather evidence of infidelity. Why is the videotape considered a "violation of privacy" and VAR and keyloggers are not? Don't want to get bashed, just curious.
He's spying on her to get off. VAR/keyloggers are a temporary weapon used when there is possible infidelity. I feel these things are used to protect oneself and to find out if someone is messing around and could possibly expose you to STD's and possibly expose you and your children to a psycho OW/OM.

He isn't doing this to protect himself.It's pleasurable for him and that's what makes it a violation. He isn't giving her a choice on whether or not she wants to participate in his pleasure,he's just doing it against her will.
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