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Re: Your take on my x wife's depression

Originally Posted by magnoliagal View Post
Depression made me wish I had the guts to drive my car off a cliff. So can depression make you do things you wouldn't normally do? Um YES!

My husband still to this day doesn't understand depression. Your thinking is skewed, negative and hopeless. You cling to the hope that moving, divorcing, someone new, some change in circumstance will make make it all better. But it never does. Depression is with you regardless of your circumsances if you truly have it.
I realize there is a difference between true depression and just being blue or down in the dumps. My wife was never diagnosed with depression and she was never completely down as far as missing work, etc, but i feel she did have depression.

How did getting off the pill affect your mood? Did you get back to your old self to a point. My wife actually did call her doctor to inquire about the affects of the pill and was told it had nothing to do with her depression if she was depressed. That solidified my wife's belief that the pill had nothing to do with it.

My x acted as though once we were divorced, the happiness would come rolling in. My daughter, however, tells me that she is often in a bad mood and mentioned that she is never happy unless her new boyfriend is around.

One of the things that my wife tried to use on me was that sometimes I would get too bent out of shape over "spilled milk", so to speak, with the kids. Looking back, I guess i did make a mountain of a mole hill sometimes, but now, my wife yells at the kids all the time over what my daughter calls nothing. She says, "Dad, you were never like that."

So, even though I don't think she still sits around and cries like she did, I don't think the happiness is rolling in like she expected, and she isn't gaining the weight back. My daughter once told me, "Dad, you're a lot happier now than mom."

What about her appetite and weight loss that i mentioned? Isn't that a sign that something just isn't right with her body?
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