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Question I'm certain I think my wife is cheating or thinking of cheating

I'm in a complicated situation right now and I honestly don't know to bring it to light.

I don't use facebook but my wife does. A friend of mine and her's on there sent me a screen shot of her facebook page earlier.

The problem comes in I don't know to bring this up to her. My friend asked me not to get him anymore involved so it rules out showing her the screen shot he took and this was what was one there

My wife
i keep hoping a specific person will text me, but it doesn't look like thats gonna happen. (hint: the number is on my profile)

My wife
maybe people do pay attention

co worker the person doesn't know what he is missing

another co worker Thats right!! does that comment mean that he did??!! Let me know in the morning!! =)

I tried to make a profile myself on there but her profile is on private so I can't see it at all. If I added her as a friend she could delete the comments before I seen them.

I thought about making a fake profile however my wife has said before that she doesn't add random people.

We had actually talked earlier today because I had suspicions things weren't good between us and she said that I'm "stuck with her" however the post she made today on facebook seems to hint at otherwise.

basically my question is how can I bring this up to her? If there's nothing to worry about I don't want to cause a huge fight but at the same time if this is real I don't want to put anymore time into this marriage than I already have. get out before I get hurt more.

I thought about doing something like this and saying facebook must have messed up when I try to go back and show it to her and it's on private. Combining the screen shot with what I got when I looked for her page. Of course some of it is blacked out by me for the purpose of posting this. I dunno might be a stupid idea.


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