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Re: Do we share the work or is it all on me?

Originally Posted by 827Aug View Post
Your situation is bad. My situation is horrible in other aspects. Many people say things are hopeless for me. But, I learned a valuable lesson in 2009. Nothing is hopeless in this life. Always have faith.
But what ways I can I do this without her feeling that I am hurting her?

I am not a very spiritual or religious person so I don't believe that would be helpful. Like I said, I have really been trying to find something to do for myself. Exercise is one which makes me feel better. Other things like watching movies, playing video games and the like only show to her that I haven't been trying because she asks me what I have been up to. How can I do things or speak to her in such a way that won't make her feel offended?

I remember a moment several weeks ago when I was craving cooking fish for dinner so I went to the store to get some. We never made it together because she hates it. When she called and and asked what I was making, I told her and all she said to me was "see, you are enjoying your life without me." Even a little thing like that will make her take pause into everything. Yes, it's petty for me to dwell on such a small detail, but those are the things that wear me down.
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