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Please help me see the light...

I have been married for 5 years, and dated for 2 prior with my wife. I have 2 small boys (almost 3 & almost 1). To make a long story short, I was forced to shut down my business last year, and finally agreed to move to my wifes home state. This is a place I said I would never ever live, but knew my wife always wanted to raise our kids here. The main motivator for me to be willing to move here was a job opportunity, that after a year of being there I know realize this job is not for me, and the income is terrible. I have an job opportunity to move back to the city we moved from where my wife and I met, as well as spent the first 6 years together. The job opportunity is with my old business partner who has always been very successful (much more than I) and as always looked out for me as we work very well together.

The dilemma, wife refuses to move back. Wife wants to stay where we are b/c its close to her family (my mom lives where we used to live). Its been close to 1 month, and the only job opportunities here are for less income than I have made in my career. I am not happily married, and I am not fully sure I ever have been. I am a very laid back person, very go with the flow, and will now admit a settled with my wife for convenience of being single years ago. (I hate saying that). My wife is a very attractive woman (which is why I have dealt with the BS thru the years) and an amazing mother. The problem I have is it the positives about her pretty much stops there. If god for bid she died tomorrow, I dont know how many positives I could say about her other that me that is VERY SAD. My wife has had run ins with almost everyone I know (coworkers, my friends, her friends, her siblings, my mother). She has battled years of depression and anxiety and takes meds for it....but I dont know if that ever truly goes away. For the most part she is not the happiest person, and tends to bring out the negative in almost anything. I am the complete opposite, and a happy and typically positive person.

I think if we didnt have the 2 boys (that are my life) I would walk, b/c every friend of mine thinks that would be the best for me and my happiness. But I love my boys, and although not happy with my marriage I would be heart broken to possibly live in another state from my boys

What do I do? do I stay in this state and live a crappy life financially and never really be happy b/c my wife cant be pleased? or do I finally cut the line and do the best I can with my kids, and for once in my life worry about ME and not my wife or someone else?

I thank you for your time...I am new to this whole posting thing.
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