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Default Have a Libido after 7 years???

I have not been interested in sex for literally 7 years. I attributed it to my weight, high stress, meds, & an insensitive husband. He and I recently went to a marriage conference over the weekend it was great. We had sex that weekend a couple times and I had an orgasm. I haven't had one in years. So any way I still felt the same about sex for a few days.....For the sake of my marriage I have been reading the positive forums on here about wives and their sex life with their husbands. Now all of the sudden I can't stop thinking about sex! It is insane to me that after a couple orgasms and reading this forum caused this. I am a little worried that I have a hormone imbalance because I am not in great shape and have other medical problems. It stands to reason that if a low libido can be medical so can a high one. It just seems insane to me that my libido could go from 0% to 150%, just because of a few orgasms and positive female posters on this forum. If yes that's great I am just very surprised this libido seems to have come out of no where. Feedback would be appreciated.
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