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Re: Please help me see the light...

We did counseling a few years ago after my first son was born, and that only was a band-aid. My gut tells me that my wife will never fully be happy regardless of where we live. If we stay together, and stay put and we dont have the income we are accustom to she will not be happy. FYI, my wife is a stay at home mom.....we have day care 1 day a week. She doesnt want to go back to work.

I have battled the "D" word for years before this current situation, but I am always to chicken to make the move and I am optimistic it will be better. I dont see how I win this one .

I agree with lyngreen504 that there is more important things than just money. But if I cant provide here, than what good does staying do?

To clarify a bit more about my life, I dont "step out of bounds" really ever. I dont go drinking after work, I come right home. i dont play golf/sports all weekends with friends, I spend with my family. I dont do anything other than work and family. It seems anytime I do want to play golf its big deal, or if I happen to grab a drink after work I lie about it b/c I dont want to deal with the drama over it. I know my wife goes thru my email and cell phone b/c she doesnt trust me. I have never cheated, and other than a stupid lie 2 months into our dating 7+ years ago she is very insecure. She has been cheated on with most past relationships.

I know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but i help cook dinner, I clean up the house at night, I am very invovled with my kids. I read all these other posts about how many husbands do nothing to help. I feel that I am a pretty good husband and its crazy that I have to deal with grief whenever I want to do anything other than work and go home.

Sorry for the venting, just trying to paint a full picture of my life. Please send more advice.
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