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Re: Please help me see the light...

i'm a child of divorce and believe me, not much good comes out of having your parents split up. i was 4 when my parents split...and my brother was 1. my mom remarried when i was 7, and honestly, he is more my father than my real dad. my real dad moved to another town and we only saw him once a month. i'm in my early 30s now and am still closer to my mom -- my relationship with my dad does not go much beyond how's the weather, who won the Jets game, etc, etc. not to say your children would end up in the exact same situation, but just wanted to throw that out there.

you married your wife for a reason, right? i know you say you think you settled, but you sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders so i can't imagine you really married her only for her looks. i suggest counseling to try to reconnect -- try to remember why you fell for each other in the first place. having kids is hard on a marriage...yours are young so you are in the most challenging time of all. its easy to lose touch with your spouse when your kids are your #1 priority. you made those children out of love...remember that!

the above poster brought up a good point -- does your wife know your feelings? is she aware there is more to this than just the business situation? what are her thoughts? does she want to split up or try to make it work? maybe meeting with a marriage therapist would be a good idea.

i wish my parents had tried to make things work. they get along and are amicable, but i still lost my dad out of it. i would have given anything to have grown up with him in my life day in and day out -- not just one weekend a month.

good luck.
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