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Re: Facebook Kills Relationships

Originally Posted by WhiteRabbit View Post
FB isn't the only facilitator either...there's a ton of things that exist now to be the grenade...
Very true. In my experience:

Caught my fiance on Facebook talking sexually to ex, called him out, stopped.

Then caught "sexting" pictures to same ex, called out, almost dumped him, made him text her that it was over, stopped.

Then caught them talking *innocently* this time, on the dating website WE MET ON. Called HER out, cussed her out, and it better not happen again...or someone's going down.

Technology has only made it easier for people to cheat, and has therefore created even more trust issues in people than already existed before. It's a vicious cycle...when will it end!? Never, most likely. It will only get worse.
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