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But again, that's like saying the invention of guns has lead to the downfall of society or something silly like that. Technology is an un-thinking tool. It gets back to the problem being people, and how they use the tools.

I would agree that technology makes it much easier to muck up a relationship. But it also makes it easier (possible, even) to build and maintain relationships over a distance. How many people have built a "proper" relationship that otherwise wouldn't have happened due to technology? I can think of three or four in my immediate circle of friends that simply wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for technology (ok, I maybe hang out with nerds). And none that have failed due to FB.

I'll admit this here... I used technology to cheat in my marriage. Without it, I would have been much more likely to end the relationship first, THEN find a new partner. But the technology didn't make me do it, it just enabled me to act on my desires.

Yes I agree but you only speaking about technology and relationships, I'm talking about technology in general,
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