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Re: Facebook Kills Relationships

My W used to troll and monitor my facebook page and those of my friends to see what I was "upto" Allways with some comment about the *****s whose comments i "liked" or being negative about anyone she didnt approve of. I had an open profile and told her or tried to tell her about anyone she questioned.( I wouldnt have an affair because I am th product of a family of cheaters mom and dad) so I am ore than happy tl share any information she felt she needed. Turns out this was a super dumb idea.Fitness Test fail. I fiaaly saw her friend list and to my surprise its filled with men she has dated. Even a few back and forth private messages. So I comfronted her on it. She claims she isnt having an affair (at least not a sexual one). She just has low "self esteem" ANd all the others did this or that. My W lives in her past and assumes everyone else does. Facebook is a tool for those to live in the past.i have been facebook free for 6 months and i aint going back. She never got the poin and still spends most of her home time updating and arguing with people she is virtual friends with while ignoring her actual friends and husband at home. So yes facebook and the people who use facebook and the relationships of facebook as opposed to real everyday relationships destroy relationships.
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