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Re: Lack of respect, for Man of the house?

Originally Posted by Enchantment View Post
Well, my question would be have you actually earned any respect for your previous 'fix it' capabilities?

For example, I have a good friend who has kind of a "bumbling" husband. He insists on trying to take care of everything related to the house or cars, even if he is not capable of it. As a result, they have a bathroom that has been torn apart and not put back together for over two years, and various other projects that are in various states of completion. My friend is pretty resentful and has little respect for him or his capabilities because of this. That is not the way to earn respect as the man of the house.

The man of the house needs to calmly and confidently take control of the situation (even if that means knowing when to call a repairman instead of doing it yourself). It is a great feeling when a wife knows that she can count on her man to be responsible enough to handle these kinds of situations - and there's nothing more attractive than that.
Absolutely right. Even in the rare case that I bumble (like the other day, a major one, I drilled into the gas line thinking it was a stud behind the wall - hey that's what the studfinder said ), I calmly call in the professionals when it's over my head. Leaving things undone is a cardinal sin of diy'ers.
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