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Re: My Journey Towards Marriage Reconciliation

Hey, kamusta? thanks for following my thread and I hope I have helped you in a way

- I totally agree with you, I have been praying for guidance for the past two months, and so far God has given me all the tools I needed. Usually I realize things when I am alone, when nothing is happening, thats when I see the important things now...

Today is just one of those days where it requires a lot of faith and intellect to survive. I need time off, but where will I go? I'm at this stage now where I have to either let go of the woman (the other W) who is making me happy now, or put myself in to her fully, or continue with this crazy ride hoping things will get better.

Either way, I know there will be consequences, you know that we don't have divorce here, and I'm not willing to spend on Separation as well.

I'm still young, i'm just 27, but this has probably added 10 years to my emotional and spiritual age... I appreciate every single minute of it, but at the same time I just want to land somewhere... Just get it over and done with...

(Apologies for those who do not speak the language) Ang hirap, pagod na pagod na ang utak ko...
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