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Re: My Journey Towards Marriage Reconciliation

Myself,I am going through same thing being separated,but i haven't done anything,i leave it all to HIM.
I have been holding on to this on my first few weeks, and have decided just lately to let Him handle me, the people around me, and my W...

That was where I saw all the signs and I have allowed Him to lead me where He wants me to go... I do get impatient sometimes but I shake it off knowing that He knows better than anyone...

The road I'm on right now is full of hurdles and roadblocks, and I'm not seeing any light at the end of it yet, just today, I'm in the middle of a fork and I do not know where to go...

I need to breath, I need space, I need to be alone with Him... In a few minutes I'll go to church and hear mass, I'm sure i'll shed a lot of tears again (I always do when I go to church), but I know He has something planned for me...
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