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Re: My Journey Towards Marriage Reconciliation

I agree with separated79. I think your biblical answer should be to heal your marriage to the mother of your daughter. People do fall always for a time. Your wife is going to specifically have a hard time because her faith and marriage are so closely related. Leaving your marriage means crossing her faith. Again, it hasn't even been 3 months and you were married for 5 years I think you said, AND you messed up a lot. Let her mess up for now.

Going back to the person you cheated on your wife with and encouraging her to leave her husband is pretty clearly not the right move.

Wait for now. Cut contact with her. If in a year, you BOTH end up divorced or something then maybe, but I still strongly think you need to remain faithful to your marriage covenant. Absolutely do not encourage her to divorce her husband so you can be together.

You need to be truly alone in this time and find true fulfillment with God. You cannot make your marriage work until you are a complete person independently. Filling the whole left from your separation with this woman is the wrong choice.
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