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Re: My Journey Towards Marriage Reconciliation

thank you anx and that_girl for being honest with your responses.

I guess at this point, i'm already starting to question what I want really. The three months have NOT shown any improvement on how my W and I deal with each other, no sign of reconciliation, no sign of remorse from her end (she values her work more than her family, not sure if i said that before) the only sign is she is now taking our daughter for granted and I have to fill the void...

In our 6 year of marriage, i've messed up, and given it my all while she just stayed the same, and probably improved a tad bit.

There is one conversation I had with my W I will never forget, I asked her about the "what if's". what if she gets tired of going out with her friends drinking and going home 9AM the next day, what if she gets tired of deleting text messages she sends to that guy while she is beside me,what if she she gets tired of texting someone while we are lying in bed naked after making love, what if after she gets tired in doing all that and I'm gone (either dead or found someone new). You know what her response was? "Thats a consequence I am willing to face for the rest of my life" -- Hows that? How can I ever fix that "don't care attitude"

Yes, I messed up and she is messing up too, should I just be a doormat to her even if were already separated? Or should I choose to be happy....

Don't get me wrong, I am not justifying what I am doing as right, its just that, my W is making/has made everything so difficult. That same woman I cheated with, was the only woman who made me feel special and happy, and I let go of that, because I chose to just to work on my marriage, and what do I get from W? "...I am willing to face that consequence..."

Sucks... Really sucks..
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