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Re: He cheated with a stripper whie I'm pregnant

Originally Posted by Syrum View Post
You should not have had a baby with this guy.

really?! you think? It's a little late for that kind of thinking now. Unless I want to manifest all the resentment I can towards my unborn child who can't help that her naive mom fell for a complete loser.
Yes i know it's a little late, but it only happened a short time ago and from your post he was allready dysfunctional.

I also had a baby with a loser when I was young. So I do empathise, we all do silly thing when young that we regret. I doubt you will ever regret having your beautiful baby, but you will allways regret him being the father by the sounds of it. I never implied you should resent your child for it, in any way.

Best thing to do is to move on, get smart and be strong for your child. lead by example, and don't accept less then from any man in future, including him.
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