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Re: Interfaith marriage: christian fundamentalist spouse

Heh looks like there is still hope! You are sowing the seeds, that is good! Keep at it mate, no matter how long it takes! =)

The end of the world has been predicted many, many times in the last 2000 years. Yet if you closely look at the bible, the 2nd coming of jesus should have been very swift, within a generation:
1 Th 4:15-17
Mt 24:34
Mt 16:28
The missus, unlike most Christians, actually doesn't believe in the doomsday; which I found quite strange. She sees the word as more of a reflection of her own life and spiritual journey (the whole bible from beginning to end) rather then to take everything so literally. She also has other non-mainstream beliefs due to that mindset; like she feels heaven and hell are closer then most of us think -> and I agree with her.

I have to admit she put forward some valid arguments. She comes from a poor country, where people in remote villages sometimes suffer from famine, and certainly diseases, malnutrition, where children die from trivial things. In those case, probably those people would be happy to move forward and get a bit of modernity for their betterment.
Yet, I don't think this must mean that they have to give up their culture or religion.
She also thinks it's OK to ask such people to come to church in exchange of some food. This is a big no-no to me, I consider this unethical.
Targeting the weak eh? They do that all the time in my motherland, and I despise it utterly. Even worse, is how they ask for tithes, like the missus' church goes around the world and preaches a 10% rule - yet not once in the bible has that been mentioned.

Would you mind tell me more? I am interested!
You can PM me, that's no problem!
I would be interested to know more once again!
Ok sure! Check your pm

That's it! I found it so funny on god tv etc. when some televangelists ask viewers to "sow a seed". There are entire programs just for that. My wife actually fell for one of those and paid a very significant sum of money with her credit card. I was not fantastically pleased with that, especially since she didn't ask me first. She understood her mistake afterwards and now get upset every time she sees them on TV!
We do tithing though: half for her and half for me.
Haha! And guess where the money goes -> in the missus' church the leaders change their cars every other month, and the pastor himself lives in his mansion. Her church has world famous music, but also an infamous reputation of materialism amongst many.

Thanks for the advice. I think I was behaving completely the opposite, keeping my religion for myself because it is meant to be non-invasive to other people, but I got overwhelmed. It's a shame I needed this crisis to wake up to that, but I will definitely correct things now. This household will now be a buddhist/christian household.
I too believe in guiding children without forcing them through a religion. When they grow up I want my daughter to make her own mind. It's something I never compromise, and my wife has realised this early -> I can be very lenient in many other things, but anything in regards to my daughter's well being, I will never break (I had a difficult childhood). I don't mind my wife teaching my daughter Christian principles, in fact I even encourage it, but as long as its HER Christian principles not the churchie stuff!

I indeed started a bit. We human often underestimate how we can impact others. I agree with you: planting some seeds from time to time will make a big change in the long run.
I already noticed that in the past, on completely different matters. Sometimes I suggested her how to do things in a better way, etc. With her temper she usually reacted negatively. Yet a few weeks later, I was able to see she adopted what I said!

That's a good roadmap indeed!

Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts and experiences! It helps me tremendously!

Kind regards
Anytime mate =) Keep at it, you're doing good work!
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