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Re: My wife had an affair with my brother

Originally Posted by humpty dumpty View Post
my husband had a affair six years ago !! its taken me to very recently to move on and enjoy being with him again.
If he hurt me by having another affair i dont think i could be so forgiving.In fact i know id walk.
Id still love him and id still want to have him part of our childrens life but i know that i deserve to be supported emotionally and feel loved and valued to.

What your brother did was wrong ,he betrayed you to crossed the line !! how ever have you spoken to him about why and how it happened ?

you deserve so much more good luck
You let them back in and give them that second chance everone deserves a second chance but a 5th NO WAY they know they can do it and be forgivin. I dont know if that healthy for you.
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