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Re: My wife had an affair with my brother

Originally Posted by AnthonyS1980 View Post
Let me tell ya... during my marriage, my wife cheated on me 2 times, made out with a couple guys, and I forgave her. All of that stuff happened at least seven years ago, so I thought we survived the affair, and we were a stronger couple for it. I thought my relationship with my wife was special and we could get through anything if we just kept the lines of communication open.
About six months ago, she started making drastic improvements in her life: she started going to school, began a new job in her field of study, lost a ton of weight, got a new wardrobe, fixed her credit, and got a new car.
Finally! My wife was taking responsibility for her own life! I was so proud of her!

Well... guess what?

She decided she's no longer in love with me, she met somebody at her new job, slept with him, and now she says she's in love with him after only 2 dates. These changes she made were in preparation of abandoning the marriage.
So before this happens to you, decide to move on, get your life together, then dump her. Please let me live vicariously through you! PLEASE!
Oh wow! That's horrible...I'm really sorry. You know though you confirmed my worst fear. It was last summer I caught H having an affair through some emails he'd sent. He didn't admit to it, I caught him, he lied. I tried to confront him before about some signs I'd seen and he got angry told me I was being stupid...anyway we reconciled last summer. Things is...and people told me this too... he's not capable of running his business without me, no ability to manage money. He's brilliant in his work, but he's no good with money. So when the S*** hit the fan, did he suddenly think crap who's going to do all this and figured he'd better try to get me back At least until he learned how to manage his business on his own and finances better. He started asking me so he could learn but it didn't last. Made me wonder. I was thrilled, I'd love help in this area but can't get him to learn it..

Now when I first started thinking he may be having an affair it was me who worked out, got a new hair cut, lost weight, and made new friends and became independent in preparation for being alone I decided to take care of me. So I wonder if he decided he liked how I looked, and since other men were noticing he'd better do something..I don't know.

I think these doubts prevent me from letting my guard down but then I read something like this and think its good I don't let my guard down.

Sorry didn't mean to hijack this thread.
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