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Re: swearing on holy book, a life, lie detector test query

Originally Posted by trudy View Post
If your husband or wife asked you to swear on the bible, on a family member's life and or to take a lie detector test to reassure them that you had been faithful, would you do it

a: if you have been faithful

b: if you had not been faithful

I have good reason to suspect my h has slept with others but have not been able to get proof. Am I being simplistic in thinking that asking him to submit to the above will get me the answers I so desperately need.

Can I assume that if he will not submit to the above that it means he has something to hide. Surely if he claims to love me like he says he does, he would want me to feel secure and reassured and have nothing to fear!!

If you were told by your spouse that your marriage depended on this would you do it and if not why not. Thank you for your time.
No, I think my H would have sworn on anything just to keep me off his trail. Telling them that the marriage depends on it , would make lying even more likely. These people are able to rationalize damn near anything when they are in the throws of an A. That is why it is so disorienting for the LS. They seem to turn into some one we no longer know.
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