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Gone sour... ***sorry if this is TMI***


What a frustrating situation i found myself in night before last..

W had been sick for the past 2 weeks and on monthly week before so no sex for 3 weeks. This weekend we were camping and she says "if we were home you'd be getting it tonight".. im like ohh man that sucks (kids sleeping in camper, not a good place to fool around). So next day we're back home and in my mind this was like THE night so she comes in bed undressed and lays there, she likes to have her back rubbed ect at first so I do that and start rubbing her back. I do that for like almost an hour and she still doesn't move,,, im starting to wonder!
So I start kissing her back and neck hoping to get her to reciprocate... nothing so I assume she still wants me to rub her back so I continue...
After another while she gets like annoyed and says "we may as well just do it because im not getting in the mood"... so i'm at that point quite frustrated but im not showing it since I would kindof like to have sex since it's been that long... but I told her that we could wait if she didnt feel it.
Then she turns around and suddenly exposes herself so I can go in... but guess what, I'm not up yet! But really did she expect me to have an erection for an hour and a half while she was getting in the mood. She then gets annoyed with that saying I didn't really want her if I wasn't hard... eventually it gets up and I start to try and go in her but by then she's closed up her legs and im just going at her behind area waiting... she never opens her legs until im almost ready to finish... so I get inside for a few seconds and im done.
within seconds she gets up slams the bedroom and bathroom doors ect... I almost felt like I was raping her at the end which is why I didn't persist to get inside of her so I had come to terms with finishing oustide.

So that's the story, she gives me cold sholder all night. When I say "I love you" before going to sleep she says "im not so sure", so I asked her a few times why she said that and she comes up with "I don't know", so I say "well if you don't know, don't say it!", that was it for that night.

Next day acts as though I did something wrong. When I persist for knowing why she said "well you wouldn't even go inside of me"... arggg anyway I told her she didn't make sense and I felt likle I was raping her given the hard time I was having. I told her the next time she's not feeling it I would rather not do it at all and that I will stop if she acts like that again.

(part 2 next post)
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