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Originally Posted by COGypsy View Post
I think that "gender neutral feminism" is a bit of an oxymoron. However, I think that like most other movements, there's a pendulum and we're starting to see another kind of shift. More and more literature is appearing not just about differences in how girls are treated in the classroom, but about how boys need different instructional styles as well. The disparity in enrollment rates for men in higher education overall has been noted and is being researched to create interventions.
As an educator, I work very hard in letting my boys be boys. They are not girls and I do not treat them as such. Ever wonder why teachers always complain about their male students? It's because they expect those boys to behave like girls! This is nonsense. Boys, more than girls, need to move and explore. I teach 5th grade. We do a lot of activity in this room. My boys and girls are engaged and it's very peaceful in here. The "problem" children (boys that other teachers said were "bad") are actually AWESOME kids!! They talk a lot, and move a lot but they are very well behaved and intelligent.

My girls are a bit more mature than my boys (shocker Lollll) and I give equal amount of attention to them in all subjects. They just don't need as much activity as my boys.

People can jump on me all they want about it, but it works and it's true. I've been doing this for 12 years. In this room, my kids learn and they aren't punished for being curious.

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