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Re: Coincidence?

Originally Posted by Deejo View Post
This is purely fluff, but admittedly, I find it no less weird.

I don't pay a great deal of attention to Astrological signs, or that kind of thing.

However ...

I can't help but think this has to be a statistical anomaly.

Last 4 women I have been 'highly' attracted to and involved with all share the same birth month. 3 have the same birthday. 3 have the same middle name. The fourth has a birthday within 7 days of the other 3.

Interesting? Odd? Yes? No?

Anyone else out there have a habit of stacking girlfriends with the same birthday?
Just re-reading here.

The LAST 4 - so not some random sample out of the 1,000s - but 3 of the last 4 have had the same birthday; And 3 of the last 4 the same middle name.

The middle name thing seems almost impossible. Mind if we ask what the common middle name is?

And the birthday - wouldn't it be 1/365*1/365*1/365? Or one in nearly 49 million?

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