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Re: For high drive women married to low drive men...

I have a very high libido and I was also rather wild when I was single.

From past experience and having three brothers, I know that men will have more respect for a woman that holds off on sex. For this reason, it is best not to share the number of partners you have had with men. We are w*ores and they are studs when they sleep around. It is so unfair, yet unfortunately very true.

Most people in my generation have sex within 3-4 dates. Before I was married, if I only wanted to have fun, it didn't matter when I had sex with a man. It was about meeting a physical need and nothing more. However, if I wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship, I refused sex for at least one or two months. My husband always says that most women slept with him faster than I did-I waited around 6 weeks!

Marriage has become a safer and more intimate way for me to explore my sexuality. I have done things with my husband that I never done with any other man, despite being a trollop in the past. Nothing compares to making love to my very best friend, my partner for life. I wish we could make love every day, but he has problems cumming if we don't leave a day in between.

Your husband married you, despite whatever time you chose to sleep with him. How have both of you dealt with this issue?
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