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Re: delayed ejaculation sucks!

Originally Posted by PBear View Post
Honestly, that's what we were hoping for. Either we need more practice (this was a first for both of us), or it just doesn't affect me that much. If I can, I'll report back in 6 months.

And BTW, it was her idea... I'm just along for the ride. But after we made her squirt, it was inevitable, I think...

I have found that it's more of a medical procedure than pleasurable if my diet has been poor or it is cold. Otherwise, I find that during the process about 70% of the work is occurring in the back and about 30% in the front. We used an aneros toy, and it was fun but it hurt me - a jelly version would have been ideal. As the tension builds up, the penile attention needs to backoff to just above 0% in order to last. Unlike intercourse alone, I find there is an inevitable upper boundary with the toy that is inescapable before completion naturally occurs. I am not trying to enthrall, just relay my experience as unerotically as I can.
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