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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

Ok so it's smartcookie22 but it's been so long since I have been on here I forgot all of my information and had to create a new profile, but anyway I wanted to give an update of what happened next, so I stayed and made a valiant effort to make it work despite all the dysfunction. Well, guess what he did next?????? after, getting caught with the videotaping I stayed and worked on things - but I just wasnt feeling it and I would cry and pray to my mom daily please just give me a sign or some sort cause my soul was in misery, so one day this past august 2011 I decided to go on his laptop now mind you I hadnt been on there since discovering the videos well, i found some generic porn, whatever...still repulses me BUT I checked his history and found a link with the nickname my dad called me growing up and it struck a cord with me so naturally i clicked on it well it took me to a site called do my wife...apparently he had created a profile with pictures that I had taken for him years ago that he promised where for him only (stupid i know) but i trusted him well I had over 147 friends, comments that make me wanna hurl as they were explicit pics that i had taken for him!!!! I was in SHOCK!!!!!! still am....he is one sick bastard!!!!!! and all on the laptop that my children play needless to say I'm done and I'm outta there and it has not been easy but I dont deserve that and there is nothing he could ever say or do that can repair that kind of damage I'm sorry!!!!
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