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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

Originally Posted by smartcookie22 View Post
..apparently he had created a profile with pictures that I had taken for him years ago that he promised where for him only (stupid i know) but i trusted him well I had over 147 friends, comments that make me wanna hurl as they were explicit pics that i had taken for him!!!! I was in SHOCK!!!!!! still am....he is one sick bastard!!!!!!
Yeah, I knew he was uploading them somewhere for the world to see that`s why I said you should check his PC history earlier.

As to the comparison between this and using spying gear to catch a cheater the difference is intent.

The OP`s husband here was taping her to get his rocks off by exposing her to a hoard of other pervs which is immoral and disrespectful to her.

Taping a spouse to discover whether or not your being disrespected is an entirely different story

I wouldn`t hesitate to even use a video camera to catch a cheating spouse(Although that has it`s own risks)
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