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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

I am so sorry he did this to you... I can completely relate to your feelings on betrayal and disgust. The fact that he was uploading them is taking it too far. It may cost a fortune to fight/prove, but if you're going through a divorce it could help your case, and quite possibly make him ACCOUNTABLE for his actions. Furthermore, if it becomes a legal proceeding, it may be a wake-up call to him, and I sincerely hope he does not do this to anyone else.

I must admit, my first thoughts reading this thread were, "at least he's not watching someone else" but the fact that he's posting these online can be so damaging to you... What if a boss or family member saw these? I would fight for it, just my opinion. Even if that meant a judge and jury viewing the evidence... But that's just me. What does your counselor think???
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