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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

OP you and he had been married for awhile if I understand correctly. I understand how this has you in shock and am figuring that your face is in the videos he put online so as to be able for anyone to identify you,if that was his intention. If your face is in the there any chance he may have been planning a separation and divorce?
And,since you had been married for some time,if he didn't do this just to shame you (with your face being in the online videos) has he ever displayed any bi-sexual desires?
I don't know but it seems to me that he did this either to shame you because he wanted a divorce or that he has bi-sex desires and wanted you to do more than you might have been willing to do. Men don't put their 'NAKED' wives pic on the internet just to brag.
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