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Re: Is secretly videotaping your partner acceptable?? ever...

Originally Posted by smartcookie22 View Post
Ok I should clarify, I don't know if he posted the video....I don't believe that he did, but he did post pictures that I had taken for him to a wife swapping website I believe the videos were for his viewing. I could be completely wrong....he does not want a divorce he just wants me....maybe he has bi- desires...idk? he did comment on a pic like he was assuming my identity on that site and it was a comment on the male IDK???? the whole thing just wiggs me out!!! FREAK!
IMHO it sounds like he wants to swing.Maybe it's just a fantasy and he wouldn't go through with it,who knows. I had a friend in a similiar situation but it was the wife doing similiar things. He didn't put a stop to it and later on she left him for another man. Not another man that would do that but because she was extremely pernicious.
If your husband loves you and you want to stay together then let him know that you are totally against such a lifestyle and demand he give up his porn and change and then you demand transparency with his passwords and that he allows you to check his computer. But beware,he is living in a fantasy land and may not be willing to give it up.
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