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Re: Spying on your spouse, not such a good idea!

Originally Posted by brat30 View Post
Cyber cheating, I've come acrossed a Post on here about a women who's husband has been found cheating on her online, acording to her he was caught on facebook in a realtionship with various women, dirty pictures and so on. So she decided to take it apone herself and instal a "Key Loger." a Key loger records EVERYTHING you type onto your pc, its a Massive invasion of ones privacy, whille it seems harmless to the person who is trying to find out if their spouse is cheating to the other person any information on their pc is recorded to the other person this is basically HACKING and Illegal. In my personal experince being one who has had a key loger on my pc you never get over the invasion, nor do you feel you can totally trust you partner and WHAT if your partner didn't do anything?? The TRUST is gone (between one or both of you) Some beleive if you chat with the oppsit sex its "emotinal cheatng", I personally beleive that you have to be PHYSICALLY with a person to be cheating along i think that somtimes you can get emotinally attached to a person online if you allow yourself. I think if the story had been diffrent (a women was caught cheating and the man had put the Key loger on her pc things would have been very diffrent, the man would be charged and either fined or inprinsoned and charged with some sort of crime and women all over this site would call him all sorts of names and not be sticking up for him like the women are for this women who has caught her husband not PHYSICALLY cheating but "cyber cheating." and hacking into his pc.. Would like to hear from others on your thoughts, if you have been a victem of a key logger, or hacking, etc I am NOT for cheating or anything i just think that two wrongs do NOT make a right!
I disagree with you on all points. Woof woof.
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