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Re: 13 and pregnant?? WHAT??

Originally Posted by Lostwithoutwords View Post
It's obvious that you daughter is having guidance issues. Instead of voicing how she feels she seems to express it through being rebellious. As far as her father not being there continuously she seems to find love in the wrong places e.g. having a baby with a guy who is 11 yrs older then her. At this point all you can do is continue loving her unconditionally whether she thinks youíre there for her or not. Reality hasn't really set in and she is definitely not mature enough to be raising and child. She may have to learn the hard way until she finally falls onto her face. Iím not saying kick her out but if it has to come to that point then that is whatís going to happen. Only if all avenues are exhausted and there is nothing left for you to do. If it does come to that solution then be prepared to deal with a whole another situation and that is someone having to take the responsibility of taking care of the baby. Another thing please DO NOT let her to continue to intimidate you she knows that she can do it and she will continue to take advantage. Your D really needs to be taught a lesson. I wish you luck.
Like that_girl said, she sounds mentally ill. No sane human pulls a knife on their mother. Dealing with a mentally ill person is extremely scary, ones who pull weapons, are homicidal or suicidal, you cannot ever let your guard down. My ex's daughter is bi polar and she used to cut, she was more harmful to herself than to others, but she put my son in danger a couple of times. This woman needs to get her daughter evaluated (which she's getting done asap) and hopefully medicated. I know it helped my stepdaughter, she is now a semi healthy person who is married and has two little boys. Not everything has to do with parenting, some people are just broken. It happens.
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