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I've come to a conclusion

It's not my fault we're seperated. He kept saying it was, but it wasn't. He wants me to be something i'm not. I tried to be that person, but I just can't. How is him wanted me to be someone else my fault? It's not!!!!!!!! He knew how I was when he asked me to marry him. I gave him chances to walk away coz I knew it would be difficult being married to me, but he stayed. How is that my fault? it's not!!!!!!!!!!!! my attitude and personality never changed, but his did. how is that my fault? it's not!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why can't he just see that. AND WHY THE HELL DOES HE KEEP DOING NICE THINGS FOR ME?????????????????????? he doesn't owe me anything. the things he does for me don't benifit our daughter. he's not getting anything out of being nice (no sex). i just don't understand how he can be nice to me, yet doesn't care about me.

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