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Re: Soon to be divorced

What you should do.
First of all leave religion out of it. Its more likely to ruin than to help. Her family is on your side thats a good sign. I suppose your son knows about this what does he say. Forget about being closer to anything. That you dont yell at each other is usually a bad sign. You never bring your differences to the surface and have out with them. What exactly does your therapist advise in all this. Does she advise you to stay in the marriage. She most likely knows a lot more than us what is going on. But remember they usually tell you what you want to hear.
Until I felt she wasn't "living up to her end of the marriage with sex".
Do you mean this as in normal marriage or as a religious marriage.
What were her excuses. Or didnt she need any.
I suppose you know that unless you both go to counselling together going apart wont help much.
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