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Re: 13 and pregnant?? WHAT??

So I've been on here reading other parent blogs in hope that maybe I missed something as far as my own daughter goes. I didn't find much but I still read to get maybe new and different ideas to try...
Anyway, since I last posted, my daughter and I met with SS AGAIN plus the head of SS too. I finally made the call to them and said enough was enough and I was kicking my granddaughter out. That I felt that she was in a hostile house and that I no longer felt that I could keep her safe. My daughter had told me befor hand that she wanted to take the baby to meet the father who is in jail.I said absolutly NOT! She told me that it was her baby and she could do what she wants....Between that arguement and others on where the baby could go, I was at my witts end.
Unfortunitly, THAT'S what it took for SS to do something. So we went to have a meeting with them and it went really bad! On the way there, I told my daugher that her school wanted her to get a syc. eval but my daughter refused. We continued on to the meeting and my daughter got upset there and was yelling and calling the head of SS a cow and an "F"ing B. This was a side of my daughter that even the regular SS lady (we have been dealing with for the past 9 mo.)had never seen! This was good for me but very bad for my daughter. They kept telling her to put the baby down and she told them no. Then they told her to stop yelling, that she couldn't do that holding the baby. In the end, they made her sign a form saying she was no longer allowed to be alone with the baby and that she would do the eval. It was either that or they would take the baby on the spot. She signed the paper and then ran off, leaving me with the baby, saying I was her mom now.
That following week, we did the "eval" and that didn't go well either. It was the same guy we had seen just a couple of years ago but that made no difference. My daughter told him that she wouldn't do therapy, or be put on any type of meds.She told him how she hated me and if I died that would make her day. At that point, I was crying and got up to leave. My daughter also told him that once she left my house, that I would never seen her or her baby again! That she couldn't wait to run off to mexico with her. Needless to say, I'm very hurt.
We went back to SS for a followup meeting and once again she got up set and left the room. While she was gone, the head of SS told me that they wanted to take her into custody. They're going to send her to a mental hospital so that she can be forced into therapy and possibly meds if they think they will help. I was like fine by me. They want to wait untill the 4th, to try to get through the holidays...We'll see
They also talked to me about possibly taking custody away from my daughter for good. They wanted to know if I wanted the baby. That was a tough one! Nothing is decided but I'm strongly leaning towards giving the baby up for adoption, hopefully to a nice Christian home. I love the baby and I want whats best for her. That wouldn't be me, I don't think. I'm unmarried, have a very unstable job and no real family. This baby should have a mom, dad, sis/bro's, auties, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I want the baby to have the best things in life, things I couldn't possibly give her and neither can my daughter. My sister thinks giving the baby up would probably be best. She says that as long as I have the baby, my daughter would never leave me alone even though she would be living in a foster home. I would have to worry about prank calls, distuction of property, just basic stupid crap. Would all the drama really be worth keeping the baby. If I let the baby go, there wouldn't be drama or at least not as much. The family would have no tie to my daughter.
So I'm at a crossroad:What are your thoughts/opinions IF the state indeed takes the baby away from my daughter. In my position, what would you do?
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