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Re: Why won't she let me touch her

I'm not totally sure of your situation, but for me when my husband has been doing little things to make my life easier just because he cares and loves makes me want him....

I have not felt totally in love with him for many years even though I know I loved him with all my heart. We have been fixing everything in our marrisge that was wrong. Before these fixings there was no intimacy in our marriage. We are still seperated at the moment, but he is moving back in ASAP now. Our intimacy has been going up with kissing, loving talk, talking about how we both feel about eachother. Not everything sexual at all. Both of us have been telling eachother why what we like about eachother.

So now there is loving rubbing, back massages, back scratches, holding eachother at night, grabbing eachothers butts in public, holding hands.....and sexual talk about whats to come!!! We have not touched eachother in a sexual way yet, but I know we are both longing for it. I can't wait for him to move back in cause I can't wait for the moment alone. We have not had sex since July and seperated in its been a long time!!!
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