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Re: My wife does all i want except oral

Originally Posted by supr View Post
I know this topic as been discussed extensively, but my problem i never had oral sex exp and i heard it is good. I want my DW to try but she says my penis is smelly and it may not be hygenic.
I just want to know the process like how to clean and give her confidence about hygiene
-Pull back foreskin completely (if you have any)
-Build a good lather, and clean every inch. Pay special attnetion to the underside of the helmet, as various debris can get stuck there if you still have foreskin.
-Gently scratch the helmet with your fingernail to remove any skin or dried semen that may stuck on.
-Be very sure not to get any soap into your urethra, unless your into that kind of thing. Personally I think it burns like heck!

Oh, also shave your testicles, shaft, and hair around the base of your penis.

Id also suggest maybe offering your wife to shower with you. That way she can be certain it is completely clean. However, if youve never had oral before, I highly suggest you do it lying on your back and not standing in a slippery death machine (tub).

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